Who we Are and How we Can Help

We want to help you understand technology to better serve your clients and to help you grow your practice.

Helpers Need Help Too!

We know what it's like. As therapists, counselors — as any helping professional — you started out because you wanted to make a difference. You wanted to help people tackle their big problems, process through their pain, and emerge with a greater sense of satisfaction on the other side. The work that you do is vital but sometimes it can be discouraging.

Big Heart Marketing exists because we don't believe that technology should be a source of discouragement. We believe in what you do and we don't want using technology to be overwhelming, intimidating, or anxiety-provoking. We are here to help! We will help you make sense of the technology that you need to use to build a thriving practice and enhance your work with your clients!

Desmond Smith

I was in ninth grade back in Canada when I first started hand-coding websites. Sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago, but I took a deep dive into technology, digital media, and marketing several years ago. At the time I was working for an international non-profit organization and helped to build a strong digital presence, promote a greater awareness of the organization's mission, and raise the amount of revenue that came in from all of the digital channels.

The problem is I always wanted to be a therapist. A few years ago, I graduated with a Masters of Marriage & Family Therapy from Pfeiffer University in Charlotte. Now, I'm a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate and practice with my wife, Kristy, at our private practice Yetman Counseling Services. Big Heart Marketing provides me the opportunity to combine my two passions and I'd love to help you and you reach your digital marketing goals.