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Don't Rely on Zoom to be HIPAA-compliant

When we sign a BAA, it is important not to become complacent and assume that everything we do is covered. It is possible for us as therapists to use a HIPAA-compliant technology in insecure, HIPAA-noncompliant ways. It's possible…

Tags: apps, COVID-19, ethics, HIPAA, security

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G-Suite & Confidential Email

Gmail’s confidential mode now lets you send information in a way that avoids using the insecure email system as much as possible. When you choose to send a message in confidential mode, Google does a couple of really interesting…


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How to Pick a Domain Name

Learn tips and guidelines for selecting a domain name that gives your website the best chance of being discovered!

Tags: marketing, seo, website

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What To Do About the Facebook's Upcoming Changes

my marketer part is having a noticeable panicked response to these Facebook changes. While we have to wait until these changes are fully implemented to understand exactly what this means for businesses and brands, all of the major…

Tags: facebook, marketing, social media

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Should I Pass Credit Card Processing Fees to my Clients?

Today’s question is not about which of these providers is best for your practice. It’s about the idea that, if you want to accept credit cards, it’s going to cost you! What do you do with that cost? Do you accept it as the cost…

Tags: ethics, finances, payments

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The Perfect Facebook Cover Image

One thing that can be notoriously hard to nail down is the image size for the Facebook Cover Image – that’s the big image that’s at the very top of your Facebook profile. It’s different for your personal page and your business…

Tags: marketing, resources, social media

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3 Tips for Keeping Client Data Safe on Your Phone

Hopefully these tips help! Sometimes I feel like we’re channeling Smokey the Bear but “Only YOU can be HIPAA compliant.” With a few very easy and very safe steps, you can make sure you’re doing all you can to protect the data…

Tags: email, HIPAA, security

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How to Find the Right – and Legal – Image

If you build a website or write a blog post or even share something cool on social media, it's often true that you need to find just the right image to tie everything together. Finding images can be difficult though and it can…

Tags: ethics, marketing, resources, website

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Four Ways to Help Your Private Practice Website with SEO

In our last post, we talked a little bit about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as it relates to your private practice website. We said that in order to understand how internet search queries work, it’s helpful to think about…

Tags: resources, seo, website

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SEO: The Answer to the Questions People Are Asking

If you’ve worked with anyone to build a website in the past, you’ve probably heard the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I have to admit that it’s a phrase I really don’t like. It comes from bygone times on the internet (you…

Tags: seo, website

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