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Don't Rely on Zoom to be HIPAA-compliant

When we sign a BAA, it is important not to become complacent and assume that everything we do is covered. It is possible for us as therapists to use a HIPAA-compliant technology in insecure, HIPAA-noncompliant ways. It's possible…

Tags: apps, COVID-19, ethics, HIPAA, security

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Google Voice Update

Many counselors and therapists – especially those in private practice – have been using Google Voice as a way to allow clients to contact them without giving out their personal phone number. But, for way too long, Google Voice…

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The 5 Apps I Love to Use & I'd Hate to Lose

We’ve all got those apps that we just can’t imagine going without. Of the millions of apps, there’s only a handful that I need to have installed and on my phone, ready when I need it. These apps can be particularly helpful at…

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