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Don't Rely on Zoom to be HIPAA-compliant

When we sign a BAA, it is important not to become complacent and assume that everything we do is covered. It is possible for us as therapists to use a HIPAA-compliant technology in insecure, HIPAA-noncompliant ways. It's possible…

Tags: apps, COVID-19, ethics, HIPAA, security

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Should I Pass Credit Card Processing Fees to my Clients?

Today’s question is not about which of these providers is best for your practice. It’s about the idea that, if you want to accept credit cards, it’s going to cost you! What do you do with that cost? Do you accept it as the cost…

Tags: ethics, finances, payments

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How to Find the Right – and Legal – Image

If you build a website or write a blog post or even share something cool on social media, it's often true that you need to find just the right image to tie everything together. Finding images can be difficult though and it can…

Tags: ethics, marketing, resources, website

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As counselors, we have a duty to protect a client’s confidentiality and to disclose any circumstances when that might not be completely possible. With this in mind, let’s imagine a scenario. A college student wishes to begin therapy.…

Tags: ethics, security, website

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Connected at the HIPAA

First of all, if you’re using email, you’re most likely making use of a cloud service – you’ve entered into an agreement with another company (e.g. Google, Yahoo, Microsoft) to provide a service to you and you’re using their systems…

Tags: email, ethics, HIPAA, security

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