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How to Pick a Domain Name

Learn tips and guidelines for selecting a domain name that gives your website the best chance of being discovered!

Tags: marketing, seo, website

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How to Find the Right – and Legal – Image

If you build a website or write a blog post or even share something cool on social media, it's often true that you need to find just the right image to tie everything together. Finding images can be difficult though and it can…

Tags: ethics, marketing, resources, website

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Four Ways to Help Your Private Practice Website with SEO

In our last post, we talked a little bit about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as it relates to your private practice website. We said that in order to understand how internet search queries work, it’s helpful to think about…

Tags: resources, seo, website

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SEO: The Answer to the Questions People Are Asking

If you’ve worked with anyone to build a website in the past, you’ve probably heard the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I have to admit that it’s a phrase I really don’t like. It comes from bygone times on the internet (you…

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As counselors, we have a duty to protect a client’s confidentiality and to disclose any circumstances when that might not be completely possible. With this in mind, let’s imagine a scenario. A college student wishes to begin therapy.…

Tags: ethics, security, website

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Help! I Need a Website!! Part Two: Custom Websites

Therapists who run their own practice need websites. Any small business today simply needs a digital presence. In our last post, we talked about some easy ways to get your site off the ground using some of the DIY site builders…

Tags: marketing, website

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Help! I Need a Website!! Part One: DIY Sites

There are dozens of different companies vying for your attention and your dollars. What’s the right approach? Who can I trust? What do I need for my practice today and what can I put on the wish list for the future?

Tags: marketing, website

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Surfing on the Couch

Why Are We Here

There are a lot of skills that you have in your repertoire. However, when you started your practice or went out on your own, you suddenly had to become a whole lot more. All of a sudden, you were accountant, and manager, and communicator,…

Tags: marketing, thoughts, website

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