Why Are We Here

What offer clarity about the technology that helps you make a difference in people's lives.

You – the therapists and counselors, the social workers and psychologists – work so hard to serve others. You have given your lives in the pursuit of helping others towards emotional health. It is remarkable work that is worth celebrating.

There are a lot of skills that you have in your repertoire. However, when you started your practice or went out on your own, you suddenly had to become a whole lot more. All of a sudden, you were accountant, and manager, and communicator, and marketer. You had to keep files and do paperwork. These are the things that no graduate program prepares you for.

And then there is technology.

Without technology, we simply would not be able to do our work. Without a website, how would clients find us? Without the Internet, how would we submit insurance claims? What do we do when clients want to video chat or friend us on social media?

It’s too much to keep up with.

Enter Surfing on the Couch.

What we hope to offer is the same kind of clarity about tech that you help clients achieve about their emotional well-being. We hope to give you new perspectives and how technology can serve your practice. And, we hope to keep you from having to tell your own therapist that you chucked that laptop straight out the window into the path of oncoming traffic. Again.

We have some great things planned but we’d love to know what sort of questions you might have too. We plan on covering everything from security to websites to taking payments online and anything else that might surface. In the comment section, please give us some other ideas of what topics you are dealing with in your own practice.

We’re here for you, helpers!