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We Help Therapists & Non-Profits with Websites & Marketing


We have been in the marketing industry for years and we understand how to connect with the people you want to reach. Whether through email marketing, Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, or a variety of other channels, we can help you grow.


We create websites that are compelling and help people connect with your organization. Our websites are easy-to-use, simple to maintain, and effective and helping your accomplish your goals. We use the best tools to build you the best website!


Maybe you just someone to talk through some marketing ideas. You want to start an email marketing campaign. You want to rethink your SEO strategies for your website. You just want to know what you could be doing better. We would love to talk with you.

Big Heart has years of experience working with everyone from freelance clients to international non-profits. We would love to help calm your anxieties about marketing and reach your goals.

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How to Pick a Domain Name

How to Pick a Domain Name

Learn tips and guidelines for selecting a domain name that gives your website the best chance of being discovered!

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What To Do About the Facebook's Upcoming Changes

What To Do About the Facebook's Upcoming Changes

my marketer part is having a noticeable panicked response to these Facebook changes. While we have to wait until these changes are fully implemented to understand exactly what this means for businesses and brands, all of the major researchers (and, notably,…

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Should I Pass Credit Card Processing Fees to my Clients?

Should I Pass Credit Card Processing Fees to my Clients?

Today’s question is not about which of these providers is best for your practice. It’s about the idea that, if you want to accept credit cards, it’s going to cost you! What do you do with that cost? Do you accept it as the cost of doing business? Or,…

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